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Papers in refereed journals

  • Thin wedge evaporation/condensation controlled by the vapor dynamics in the atmosphere
    F. Doumenc, V. Janecek, V.S. Nikolayev Submitted to Eur. Phys. J. E (2018)
  • Role of vapor mass transfer in flow coating of colloidal dispersions in the evaporative regime
    C. Loussert, F. Doumenc, J.B. Salmon, V. Nikolayev, B. Guerrier Langmuir 33 14078-14086 (2017) [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Humidity-insensitive water evaporation from molecular complex fluids
    J.B. Salmon, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier Phys. Rev. E 96 032612 (2017) [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Modeling flow coating of colloidal dispersions in the evaporative regime: prediction of deposit thickness
    F. Doumenc, J.B. Salmon, B. Guerrier Langmuir 32 13657-13668 (2016) [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Numerical simulation of dip-coating in the evaporative regime
    M. Dey, F. Doumenc, B.Guerrier Eur. Phys. J. E. 39:19 (2016) [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Can hydrodynamic contact line paradox be solved by evaporation-condensation ?
    V. Janecek, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier, V.S. Nikolayev J. Colloid Interface Sci. 460 329-338 (2015) [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Surface deformation and film corrugation during drying of polymer solutions induced by Marangoni phenomena
    S.G. Yiantsios, S.K. Serpetsi, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 89 1083-1094 (2015) [Abstract ]
  • Self-patterning induced by a solutal Marangoni effect in a receding drying meniscus
    F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier EuroPhys. Lett. 103 14001 (2013) [Abstract ]
  • Free convection in drying binary mixtures: solutal versus thermal instabilities
    F. Doumenc, E. Chénier, B. Trouette, T. Boeck, C. Delcarte, B. Guerrier, M. Rossi Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 63, 336-350 (2013) [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Numerical Simulation of Complex Fluid Drying in a Hele-Shaw Cell
    C. Hsueh, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 219, 51-57 (2013) [Abstract ]
  • Numerical Simulation of an Evaporative Meniscus on a Moving Substrate
    F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 219,25-31 (2013) [Abstract ]
  • Self-assembly in Drying Complex Fluid at Low Capillary Number
    C. Hsueh, C.L. Moraila Martinez, F. Doumenc, M.A. Rodriguez-Valverde, B. Guerrier Chem. Eng. Process. 68,64-68 (2013) [Abstract ]
  • Transient Rayleigh-Bénard-Marangoni solutal convection
    B. Trouette, E. Chénier, F. Doumenc, C. Delcarte, B. Guerrier Phys. Fluids 24,074108 (2012) [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Sorption isotherm, glass transition, and diffusion coefficient of Polyacrylamide/Water solutions
    D. Alonso de Mezquia, F. Doumenc, M. Mounir Bou-Ali J. Chem. Eng. Data 57, 776-783 (2012) [Abstract ]
  • A model coupling the liquid and gas phases for a totally wetting evaporative meniscus
    F. Doumenc, B.Guerrier Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 197, 281-293 (2011) [Abstract ]
  • Drying of a Solution in a Meniscus: A model Coupling the Liquid and the Gas Phases
    F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier Langmuir 26,17, 13959-13967 (2010) [Abstract ]
  • Stick-Slip Patterning at Low Capillary Numbers for an Evaporating Colloidal Suspension
    H. Bodiguel, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier Langmuir 26,13, 10758-10763 (2010) [Abstract ]
  • Transient Rayleigh-Bénard-Marangoni Convection due to Evaporation : a Linear Non-normal Stability Analysis
    F. Doumenc, T. Boeck, B. Guerrier, M. Rossi JFM 648, 521-539 (2010) [Abstract ]
  • Drying of colloidal suspensions and polymer solutions near the contact line: deposit thickness at low capillary number
    G. Jing, H. Bodiguel, F. Doumenc, E. Sultan, B. Guerrier Langmuir 26,4, 2288-2293 (2010) [Abstract ]
  • Simulation of transient Rayleigh-Bénard-Marangoni convection induced by evaporation
    O.Touazi, E.Chenier, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier IJHMT 53, 4 ,656-664 (2010) [Abstract ]
  • Patterns formation during the drying of a colloidal suspension; pinning of a receding contact line
    H.Bodiguel, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 166, 29-32 (2009) [Abstract ]
  • Physical aging of glassy PMMA/toluene films: Influence of drying/swelling history
    F. Doumenc, H.Bodiguel, B.Guerrier Eur. Phys. J. E 27, 3-11 (2008) [Abstract ]
  • Experimental characterization of buoyancy and surface tension driven convection during the drying of a polymer solution
    G.Toussaint, H.Bodiguel, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, C.Allain IJHMT 51, 17 , 4228-4237 (2008) [Abstract ]
  • Aging and history effects in solvent induced glass transition of polymer films
    F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, C.Allain EuroPhys. Lett. 76, 4 , 630-636 (2006) [Abstract ]
  • Estimation of the characteristic times of solvent diffusion and polymer relaxation in glassy polymer films by a set inversion method
    F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier IPSE 14, 7 , 747-765 (2006) [Abstract ]
  • Mutual diffusion coefficient and vapor-liquid equilibrium data for the system PIB/Toluene
    F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, C.Allain Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 50, 3 , 983-988 (2005) [Abstract ]
  • Coupling between mass diffusion and film temperature evolution in gravimetric experiments
    F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, C. Allain Polymer 46, 11 , 3708-3719 (2005) [Abstract ]
  • Instabilités de plissement lors du séchage de films polymères plans
    Y.Gorand, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, C. Allain Rhéologie 3 , 22-29 (2003) [PDF]
  • Analysis of the solvent diffusion in glassy polymer films using a set inversion method
    A.C. Dubreuil, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier, D. Johannsmann, C.Allain Polymer 44, 2 , 377-387 (2003) [Abstract ]
  • Mutual diffusion in PMMA/PnBMA copolymer films - Influence of the solvent induced glass transition
    A.C.Dubreuil, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, C.Allain, Macromolecules 36, 14 , 5157-5164 (2003) [Abstract ]
  • Estimating Polymer/Solvent Diffusion Coefficient by Optimization Procedure
    F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier AIChE Journal 47, 5 , 984-993 (2001) [Abstract]
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions of the n-C5H11O, n- C5H10OH and OOC5H10OH radicals in oxygen. Analytical steady state solution by use of the Laplace transform.
    O. Perrin, A. Heiss, F. Doumenc, K. Sahetchian J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans. 94, 16 , 2323-2335 (1998) [Abstract]

Conference Proceedings

  • Self-patterning induced by evaporation and a solutal Marangoni effect
    M. Dey, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier, European Coating Symposium ECS 15, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 9-11 2015. [PDF ]
  • Liquid wedge motion by evaporation/condensation controlled by diffusion
    F. Doumenc, V. Janecek, V. Nikolayev, B. Guerrier, European Coating Symposium ECS 15, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 9-11 2015. [PDF ]
  • Self-assembly of Drying Colloidal Suspensions at Low Capillary Number
    C. Hsueh, C. L. Moraila Martinez, F. Doumenc, M. A. Rodriguez-Valverde, B. Guerrier, European Coating Symposium ECS 11, Abo/Turku, Finland, June 8-10 2011. [PDF ]
  • Sensitivity of diffusive-convective transition to the initial conditions in a transient Bénard-Marangoni problem
    E. Chénier, C. Delcarte, C. Desceliers, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier, B. Trouette, International Heat Transfer Conference IHTC14, Washington D.C., USA, August 8-13 2010. [PDF ]
  • Scaling properties of deposition induced by evaporation at a moving contact line
    G.Jing, H.Bodiguel, E.Sultan, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, 8th European Coating Symposium, Karlsruhe, Germany, September 7-9, 2009. [PDF ]
  • Drying of colloidal suspension
    G.Jing, H.Bodiguel, F.Doumenc, E.Sultan, B.Guerrier, Eurotherm "Thermodynamics of phase changes", Namur, Belgium, 24-27 May 2009. [PDF ]
  • Stability boundaries for transient evaporative Rayleigh-Benard-Marangoni convection
    F.Doumenc, T.Boeck, E.Chenier, B.Guerrier, M.Rossi, Eurotherm "Thermodynamics of phase changes", Namur, Belgium, 24-27 May 2009. [PDF ]
  • Instabilités induites par évaporation : modèle solutal
    B.Trouette, E.Chénier, F.Doumenc, C.Delcarte, B.Guerrier, Congrès SFT 2009, Golfe du Morbihan, 26-29 Mai 2009.
  • Aging in PMMA/Toluene films
    H.Bodiguel, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, XVth International Congress on Rheology, Monterey, California, 3-8 August 2008. [PDF ]
  • Convection naturelle de Rayleigh-Bénard-Marangoni en régime transitoire
    O.Touazi, E.Chenier, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, SFT Conf., Toulouse, France, 3-6 Juin 2008.
  • Patterns formation during the drying of a colloidal suspension: influence of the contact line velocity
    H.Bodiguel, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, CD-ROM Proc. ECS07, 7th European Coating Symposium, Paris, 12-14 Septembre 2007. [PDF ]
  • Développement de cellules convectives lors du séchage de solutions polymères
    G.Toussaint, H.Bodiguel, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, Proc. 18ème Congrès Francais de Mécanique, Grenoble, 27-31 Août 2007. [PDF ]
  • Caractérisation expérimentale des instabilités induites par évaporation de solvant dans une solution polymère
    F.Doumenc, C.Iorio, G.Toussaint, B.Scheid, B. Guerrier and C. Allain, Proc 9ème Rencontre du Non-Linéaire, Institut Henri Poincaré;, Non-Linéaire Publications, p.75, Paris, 8-10 Mars 2006. [PDF ]
  • Solvent sorption in glassy polymer films - Coupling between solvent diffusion and viscoelastic relaxation
    F.Doumenc, B. Guerrier, C. Allain, V. Dimos and M. Sanopoulou, Proc. ICCHMT, Fourth Int. Conf. on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer, p.1017, Paris, 17-20 May 2005. [PDF ]
  • Use of a model system to study kinetics and instabilities during the drying of a polymer solution
    F.Doumenc, B. Guerrier, C. Allain, Proc. Joint Conference of the AFSIA and Drying Working group of EFCE (European Federation of Chem. Eng.), p.36, Paris, 12-13 May 2005. [PDF ]
  • Surface Undulations Formed during Polymer Solution Drying
    F.Doumenc, B. Guerrier, C. Allain, CD-ROM MACRO2004, IUPAC World Polymer Congress, Paris, 4-9 July 2004. [PDF ]
  • Drying of polymer varnishes: solvent diffusion in glassy polymer films
    A.-C. Dubreuil, F.Doumenc, B. Guerrier, C. Allain, Proc. IHTC12 12th Int. Heat and Mass Transfer Conf., Grenoble 18-23 August 2002. [PDF ]
  • Méthode d'estimation du coefficient de diffusion mutuelle solvant/polymère - Application au système PIB/Toluène
    Y.Gorand, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, C.Allain, Proc. Conf. SFT, p.493, Elsevier, Nantes, 29-31 Mai 2001.
  • Drying Kinetics of co-P(MMA-stat-nBMA)/Toluene Copolymer Films: Influence of Copolymer Composition
    A.-C. Dubreuil, F.Doumenc, B. Guerrier, C. Allain, CD-ROM, 3rd European Congress of Chemical Engineering}, Nuremberg 26-28 June 2001.

Thèse de doctorat / PhD Thesis

  • Coefficients d'échange thermique superficiel : détermination par méthodes inverses en conduction bidimensionnelle transitoire
    F. Doumenc, thèse de doctorat en Thermique et Energétique, sous la direction de J.F. Sacadura, INSA de Lyon, 292 p., 1993. [Abstract ] [PDF ]