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My Matlab page

This page contains some toolboxes and functions for Matlab developed by F. Moisy. Some of those functions may also be downloaded from my author page on the Matlab Central.

EzyFit Toolbox

A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab.

Go to the EzyFit Toolbox page

PIVMat Toolbox

A PIV post-processing and data analysis toolbox for Matlab.

Go to the PIVMat Toolbox page

Miscellanous functions

boxcount.zip .html Fractal dimension using the 'box-counting' method for 1D, 2D and 3D sets.
dispersion_relation.zip .html Dispersion relation for surface waves.
ezfft.m .html Easy to use Power Spectrum (FFT) screenshot
fileseries.zip .html Recursive directories, automatic renaming and renumbering for series of files.
makehtmldoc.m .html Create HTML help files from a set of M-Files. screenshot
errorbarlog.m .html Error bar plot with Y-axis in log scale. screenshot
errorbarlogx.m .html Homogenize the error bars for X-axis in log scale. screenshot
loglogpn.zip .html Log-log scale plot for positive and negative data. screenshot
uimage.zip .html Display image with uneven axis. screenshot
myfigstyle.m .html Formats the current figure for publication. screenshot
makebospattern.m .html Random dot pattern for "Synthetic Schlieren" or ``Background-Oriented Schlieren''. screenshot
physprop.zip .html Kinematic viscosities of pure water and Rhodorsil 47 silicon oils as a function of temperature.
myginput.m .html Graphical input from mouse with custum cursor pointer

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