Random dot pattern for BOS applications

makebospattern(N,D) makes a figure filled with N randomly distributed 
dots of diameter D for "Background-oriented Schlieren" (BOS) applications. 
The figure format is portrait (ie, vertical) A4, 210x297 mm, and the 
particle diameter D is in mm. Typical values are N=50000, D=1. 
makebospattern(N,D,'b') makes black points on a white ground (by 
default). MAKEPIDPATTERN(N,D,'w') makes white points on a black ground. 
makebospattern(N,D,'..',FILENAME) saves the result in a 300-DPI TIFF 
figure. Use the standard Windows viewer to print the figure. 
  - If you zoom the figure, the particles are not resized: particles 
  are drawn in absolute units (points), while the paper size is in 
  physical units (centimeters). 
  - a 'particle' is a set of 4 concentric circles with increasing (or 
  decreasing) gray levels. The 'particle diameter' D is the diameter of 
  the outer circle; the inner circle has diameter 0.3*D. Depending on 
  the printer quality, the outer circle may not print correctly, so the 
  actual size may appear slightly larger or smaller than the requested 
F. Moisy 
Revision: 1.20,  Date: 2008/09/05. 
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