Format the current figure for publication

myfigstyle formats the current figure according to the standards of 
international journals (eg, Physical Reviews). The layout, colors, 
fonts, aspect ratio, tick lengths of the current figure are modified. 
Once the figure is formatted, use PRINT -DEPS MYFIG.EPS  to produce 
a standard EPS file. 
myfigstyle JOURNAL specifies the journal format: 
   pr      Physical Review (default): 
              Width = 8.0 cm (3.15 in) 
              Font size = 0.072 (normalized units) 
              Aspect ratio = 4/3 
   pr2     Physical Review, 2 figures per colum: 
              Width = 4.0 cm (1.55 in) 
              Font size = 0.14 (normalized units) 
              Aspect ratio = 4/3 
   jfm     Journal of Fluid Mechanics, normal (one single column) 
              Width = 10-11 cm (4-4.3 in) 
              Font size = 0.050 (normalized units) 
              Aspect ratio = 6/5 
   jfm2    Journal of Fluid Mechanics, two figures per column 
              Width = 6.6 cm (2.6 in) 
              Font size = 0.076 (normalized units) 
              Aspect ratio = 6/5 
myfigstyle JOURNAL OPTION1 OPTION2 ... specifies additional parameters 
   notitle    deletes the title of the figure 
   v          forces the Y-Label to be vertical 
   ext        external ticks (default = internal ticks) 
For other settings, change directly the M-File! 
Note that the font size is expressed in normalized units, ie, it is 
independent of the absolute size of the window (in pixels). However, the 
figure symbols are in absolute units, so that their final size will 
depend on the window size. To avoid changes in symbol size, myfigstyle 
also forces the figure window to be 560x420 pixels (Matlab standard). 
   xlabel('time (s)'); ylabel('quantity (ua)'); 
   myfigstyle jfm v notitle 
   print -deps myfig.eps 
F. Moisy 
Revision: 1.10,  Date: 2006/04/25 
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