Create HTML help files from a set of M-Files

makehtmldoc(FILENAME) creates an html help file for each M-File 
matching FILENAME. This help file contains the header of the M-File 
(the first block of contiguous comment lines, see HELP for details), 
with links between each M-File matching FILENAME referencing each 
If no input argument specified, works with all the M-files of the 
current directory (ie, makehtmldoc('*.m')). 
makehtmldoc(FILENAME, 'Property1', 'Property2'...) where 'Property.' 
may be: 
  'code'               adds a link to the source code (except for the 
                       file 'Contents.m'); 
  'upper'              makes a link only for words in upper case. 
  'quiet'              does not display informations during the 
  'color', string      any HTML color code for the upper and lower 
                       panels. Default = '#e7ebf7'. 
  'title', string      title of the browser window. Default = '\f'. 
  'firstline', string  text at the top of the page. Default = 
  'lastline', string   text at the bottom of the page. Default = ''. 
Note: In the string of the last three properties, '\f' will be replaced 
by the name of the current M-file. Web links may be used, e.g. 
string = '\f (<a href="MyToolbox.html">MyToolbox</a>)' 
makehtmldoc works essentially as Matlab's DOC function, except that the 
links are only established between the set of files matching FILENAME. 
So the resulting set of HTML pages only have link between themselves, 
and will not have broken links when consulted from an external web 
   makehtmldoc('*.m','code')  produces a set of *.html help files for 
   all the *.m files of the current directory, with a link to the 
   corresponding source code. 
   makehtmldoc('*.m','title','\f (MyToolbox)','lastline','(c) 2006'); 
   makehtmldoc('*.m', ... 
               'color', '#ffff00', ... 
               'title', 'Help for \f', ... 
               'firstline', '<a href="Contents.html">Back</a>', ... 
               'lastline', '<a href="">MyToolBox</a>', ... 
               'upper', 'code'); 
F. Moisy 
Revision: 1.22,  Date: 2006/10/30. 
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