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Submitted Papers or Papers on progress

  • [19] Estimation of residual stress in thermal spray coatings by the incremental hole drilling method. , M.K. Harouche,M.L Hattali,N.Mesrati
  • [18] Analysis of structural multi-material performance in the presence of delamination. , M.E. Zebar,M.L Hattali,N.Mesrati
  • [17] Influence of material properties and fabrication parameters on 3d printing materials. , M.L Hattali,S. Terekhina
  • [16] Mechanical properties of drying plant roots: Evolution of the longitudinal Young's modulus of chick-pea roots with desiccation. ,P. Kurowski, C. Vautrin, P. Genet, M.L Hattali, R.P. Fabi, E. Kolb.
  • [15] Aftershock sequences and seismic-like organization of acoustic events produced by a single propagating crack. ,J. Barés, A. Dubois, M.L.Hattali,D. Dalmas, D. Bonamy. Submited to Nature physics ,

    Papers in refereed journals

    • [14] Characterization of surface topography of 3D printed parts by multi-scale analysis,Y. Quinsat, C. Lartigue, C. Brown, ML. Hattali.International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM), ,(2017) DOI 10.1007/s12008-017-0433-9.
    • [13] Microstructure and interfacial strengh of stainless steel coatings obtained by thermal spray process ,A. Sadki, R. Youness, ML. Hattali, N. Mesrati.Ann. chim. Sci. Mat ,40(3-4) (2016)131-142.
    • [12] Multi-scale surface characterization in additive manufacturing using CT. ,Y. Quinsat, C. Lartigue, C. Brown, ML. Hattali.In book: Advances on Mechanics, Design Engineering and Manufacturing, ,(2016) 271-280.
    • [11] Characterization and Modeling of the MechanicalBehavior of Aeronautical Alloy Based Composite., Sadkii A., and Hattali M.L., Bradai M. A., Younes R. and Mesrati N. Universal Journal of Chemistry 4(1) , 10-19 (2016). doi:DOI: 10.13189/ujc.2016.040102 [PDF]
    • [10] Effect of nano silica additive particles on both friction and wear performance of mild steel/CuSn/SnBi multimaterial system. ,H. Ait-Sadi, L. Hemmouche, M.L. Hattali, M. Britah, A. Iost, N.Mesrati.Tribology International , 90 (2015) 372–385.
    • [09] Effect of the porosity on the fracture surface roughness of sintered materials: From anisotropic sel-affine scaling. ,T. Cambonie, J. Barès, M.L. Hattali, D. Bonamy, V. Lazarus.Physical Review , E 91 012406 (2015) .
    • [08] Fluctuations of Global Energy Release and Crackling in Nominally Brittle Heterogeneous Fracture.,J. Barés, M.L. Hattali, D. Dalmas, D. Bonamy.Physical Review Letter , 113 264301(2014).
    • [07] Correlation between trapping electric charges and residual stress developed during metal/ceramics bonding. ,M.L.Hattali, N. Mesrati, D.Tréheux. Journal of the European Ceramic Society , 32(4)(2012)717-725.
    • [06] Interfacial behavior on Al2O3/HAYNES® 214TM joints fabricated by solid state bonding technique with Ni or Cu–Ni–Cu interlayers. ,M.L.Hattali,S. Valette, F. Ropital, N. Mesrati, D.Tréheux. Journal of the European Ceramic Society , 32(2012) 2253-2265.
    • [05] Low velocity surface fracture patterns in brittle material: A newly evidenced mechanical instability. ,M.L.Hattali, J.Barès, L. Ponson, D. Bonamy. Materials Science Forum ,706-709 (2012) 920-924..
    • [04] Calculation and experimental determinations of the residual stress distribution in Alumina-Ni-Alumina and Alumina-Ni-Nickel alloy systems.,M.L.Hattali, S. Valette, F. Ropital, N. Mesrati, D.Tréheux. Journal of Materials Science,(2010)doi: 10.1007/s10853-010-4502-8.
    • [03]FEM calculations and experimental determination of residual stresses in alumina-nickel alloy joints. Optimization of fabrication parameters. ,M.L.Hattali, S. Valette, F. Ropital, N. Mesrati, D.Tréheux. Advanced Materials Research Vols. ,89-91(2010)238-243
    • [02] Effect of thermal residual stresses on the strength for both Alumina-Ni-Alumina and Alumina-Ni-Nickel Alloy bimaterials.,M.L.Hattali, S. Valette, F. Ropital, N. Mesrati, D.Tréheux. Journal of Materials Science ,44(2009) 3198–3210, doi:10.1007/s10853-009-3426-7.
    • [01]Study of SiC-Nickel alloy bonding for high temperature application. ,M.L.Hattali, S. Valette, F. Ropital, G. Stremsdoerfer, N. Mesrati, D. Tréheux. ,29(2009) 813–819..

    • PhD thesis

      • Caractérisation et modélisation thermo-mécaniques des assemblages métal-céramique élaborés par thermocompression.
        Projet Industriel (ECL-IFP Contrat N° 31.123). Partenaire industriel : IFP Energies nouvelles.
        Directeur de Thèse: Mr Daniel Tréheux
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