PIVMat Function Reference

Functions -- By Category

Data import and display
  loadvec           - Load vector/scalar fields
  showf             - Display vector/scalar fields (still images or movies)
  vec2scal          - Compute scalar fields from vector fields
Spatial field processing 
  filterf           - Spatial filter of a field 
  interpf           - Interpolate missing data
  bwfilterf         - Spatial Butterworth filter of a field 
  medianf           - Median filter
  spaverf           - Spatial average over X and/or Y of a field 
  azaverf           - Azimuthally average field
  azprofile         - Azimuthal profile
  subaverf          - Substract the average of field 
  remapf            - Remap a field to a new grid
  truncf            - Truncate a field 
  extractf          - Extract a rectangle from a field 
  resizef           - Resize a field
  maskrectf         - Mask a rectangular area on fields
  rotatef           - Rotate a field about the center 
  shiftf            - Shift the axis of a field 
  setoriginf        - Set the origin (0,0) of a field 
  flipf             - Flip (mirror) a field
  operf             - Other operations (sum, multiply, etc)
  gradientf         - Gradient of a scalar field
  convert3dto2df    - Convert 3D vector fields to 2D vector fields

Temporal field processing 
  averf             - Average, standard deviation and rms of fields 
  subaverf          - Substract the average of fields 
  phaseaverf        - Phase average of fields
  tempspecf         - Temporal power spectrum of fields.
  tempcorrf         - Temporal correlation function of fields
  tempfilterf       - Temporal filter (e.g., band-pass filter)
  spatiotempcorrf   - Spatio-temporal correlation function of a scalar field.
  smoothf           - Temporal smooth of fields 
  resamplef         - Re-sample time series of fields
  probef            - Record the time evolution of a probe in a field
Statistics, spectra and histograms
  statf             - Mean, standard deviation and rms of a field. 
  histf             - Histogram of a field. 
  corrf             - Spatial correlation function of a scalar field.
  histvec_disp      - Display histograms from vector fields. 
  histscal_disp     - Display histograms from scalar fields. 
  statvec_disp      - Display statistics from vector fields. 
  ssf               - Scalar structure functions.
  vsf               - Vector structure functions.
  vsf_disp          - Display vector structure functions. 
  specf             - 1D power spectrum of vector/scalar fields.
  spec2f            - 2D power spectrum of vector/scalar fields.
  tempspecf         - Temporal power spectrum of vector/scalar fields.
  jpdfscal          - Joint probability density function.
  jpdfscal_disp     - Display joint PDF
Advanced file operations 
  loadpivtxt        - Load a vector field exported in text format (TXT, DAT)
  loadarrayvec      - Load a 2D array of vector fields 
  changefieldf      - Change the values of variables in a PIVMat structure
  batchf            - Execute arbitrary functions over a series of files 
  vec2mat           - Convert any PIVMat-compatible files into standard MAT files
  imvectomovie      - Create a movie directly from files
  zerotonanfield    - Convert missing data representation to NaNs
  nantozerofield    - Convert missing data representation to zeros
  randvec           - Random vector field. 
  addnoisef         - Add noise to fields
  vortex            - Test vector field containing a single vortex. 
  multivortex       - Test vector fields of randomly distributed Burgers vortices
  nam               - Normalized Angular Momentum
  stresstensor      - Reynolds stress tensor
  matrixcoordf      - Matrix-coordinates (i,j) of a point (x,y) in a field
Specific DaVis file handling (VEC, VC7, SET files) 
  getattribute      - Get attributes from an IMX/IM7 or VEC/VC7 file 
  readsetfile       - Get attributes from the definition .SET file of a set 
  getpivtime        - Returns the time of IMX/IM7 or VEC/VC7 files 
  getframedt        - Time intervals between the frames of an IMX/IM7 file
Miscellaneous files handling (from Fileseries v1.40) 
  cdw               - Change current working directory with wildcards
  lsw               - List directory with wildcards
  rdir              - Recursive list directory. 
  rdelete           - Delete files recursively. 
  rrmdir            - Delete directories recursively. 
  renamefile        - Rename a series of files. 
  renumberfile      - Re-number the indices of a series of files 
  getfilenum        - Get the index of a series of files. 
Free-Surface Synthetic Schlieren (FS-SS)
  makebospattern    - Make random dot pattern for SS or BOS
  surfheight        - Surface height reconstruction.   

  getsetname        - Get the name of the current directory
  getvar            - Get the value of the parameters in a string 'p1=v1_p2=v2_...'



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