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Convert a series of IM7 or VC7 files into a movie

imvectomovie(FILENAME, VID, 'options', ...) creates a MP4 / AVI movie 
from a series a files matcing FILENAME.  VID is a VideoWriter object: 
  vid = VideoWriter('mymovie.avi'); 
  imvectomovie('*.VC7', vid, ...); 
All the options of showf (e.g., 'clim', 'cmap', 'surf', 'title' etc.) 
are available with imvectomovie. 
All file formats supported by loadvec are allowed. FILENAME is a string 
which can contain wildcards (*) and brackets for file number enumeration 
(see loadvec for all available syntax). 
This command is essentially similar to MOV = showf(FILENAME,...). 
The essential difference is that here the whole files are NOT stored 
into a PIVMat structure, but are loaded one by one. This allows the 
user to generate very large movies without 'out of memory' problems. 
   vid = VideoWriter('mymovie.avi'); 
   imvectomovie('*.VC7', vid, 'rot', 'clim', [-3 3]); 
See Also
loadvec, showf 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo imvectomovie 

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