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ANR EVAPEC 13-BS09-0010-01
Drying of complex fluids in dip-coating-like experiments

Mise à jour : juin 2016

Contact person

F. Doumenc (Project coordinator)


  • Laboratoire FAST, UMR 7608 (UPSud,CNRS) [FAST web page ]
  • Involved scientists: M. Dey, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier

  • Laboratoire LOF, UMR 5258 (Univ. Bordeaux,CNRS, Solvay) [LOF web page ]
  • Involved scientists: J. Leng, C.Loussert, L. Rosamenta, J.B.Salmon


    In the general framework of coatings performed by deposition of a liquid film on a substrate and evaporation of a volatile solvent in air, this proposal focuses on geometries with a moving contact line or a meniscus. It concerns specific situations corresponding to small substrate velocities, when significant evaporation takes place in the meniscus and impacts the flow (evaporative regime in dip-coating-like configurations). It addresses the general question of the impact of flow dynamics and heat/mass transfers, on the dry deposit obtained during the evaporative coating. The main objectives are to get an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the dominant phenomena, and to get quantitative predictions, to infer the coating process parameters needed to get the required specifications of the dry deposit.

    Both experimental and modeling approaches are planned to fulfill these objectives. Experiments will be performed on the one hand on model systems (polymer solutions and nanocolloidal dispersions). Besides investigations of model systems, we also propose to focus one part of our efforts through this program in the investigation of functional coatings obtained in the evaporative regime starting with dispersions of rare earth oxydes provided by Solvay. One R&D scientist of Solvay is involved in this proposal.

    From the modeling point of view, and following previous works, the challenge is be to develop dynamical models taking into account the hydrodynamics in the meniscus, the coupling with the gas phase, and including the concentration dependent properties of the system. The objective is to describe (and then predict) the impact of hydrodynamics in the bulk and meniscus on the dry deposit. It concerns especially the following questions: may hydrodynamics and mass transfer explain the occurrence of a periodic regime that induces the formation of regular patterning on the dry film (stick-slip)? Which phenomena drive this periodic regime? (presently an unsolved question). For colloidal dispersions, we propose to use continuous models describing the transition from the dispersed state up to the dense colloidal assembly through continuous models but showing a divergence at the close packing transition (such as the mutual diffusion coefficient, the osmotic pressure, the viscosity, etc).


  • Solidification of a charged colloidal dispersion investigated using microfluidic pervaporation
    N.Ziane, J.B.Salmon Langmuir 31 (2015). [Abstract ]
  • Surface deformation and film corrugation during drying of polymer solutions induced by Marangoni phenomena
    S.G. Yiantsios, S.K. Serpetsi, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier IJHMT 89 (2015). [Abstract ]
  • Numerical simulation of dip-coating in the evaporative regime
    M. Dey, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier Eur. Phys. J. E 39 (2016). [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Modeling flow coating of colloidal dispersions in the evaporative regime: prediction of deposit thickness
    F. Doumenc, J.B. Salmon, B. Guerrier Langmuir 32 13657-13668 (2016) [Abstract ] [Download article]
  • Drying dynamics of a charged colloidal dispersion in a confined drop
    C. Loussert, A. Bouchaudy, J.B. Salmon Phys. Rev. Fluids 1 084201 (2016) [Abstract ] [Download article]

  • Conferences

  • F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, IMA7, 7th Conference of the International Marangoni Association (Vienna, Austria, June 2014): Self-patterning induced by a solutal Marangoni effect in a receding drying meniscus
  • M.Dey, F.Doumenc, B.Guerrier, 18ème Rencontre du Non Linéaire (Paris, France, Mars2015) : Auto-organisation d'un dépôt induit par évaporation et effet Marangoni solutal.
  • C.Loussert, J.B.Salmon, J.Leng, B.Selva, B.Guerrier, F.Doumenc, European coating symposium 2015 (ECS 15) (Eindhoven, September 9-11 2015): Local characterization of a complex fluid drying in a dip-coating-like experiment.
  • M.Dey, F.Doumenc,B.Guerrier, European coating symposium 2015 (ECS 15) (Eindhoven, September 9-11 2015) : Self-patterning induced by evaporation and solutal Marangoni effect.
  • JB. Salmon, Droplet 2015, (Twente, octobre 2015): Drying of complex fluids in confined droplets.
  • C.Loussert, J.B.Salmon, J.Leng, B.Selva, B.Guerrier, F.Doumenc, Droplets 15 (Twente, octobre 2015): Local characterization of a complex fluid drying in a dip-coating-like experiment.
  • F. Doumenc, J.B. salmon, C. Loussert and B. Guerrier, IMA8, 8th Conference of the International Marangoni Association (Bad Honnef, Germany, June 2016): Drying of colloidal dispersion in a blade coating configuration: from dilute dispersion to porous medium.

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