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Laboratory FAST (Fluides, Automatique et Systèmes Thermiques) is a CNRS research laboratory (UMR 7608), associated with University Paris-Saclay.

Research areas

Head: H. Auradou

Focus on a project

Mélange de fluides miscibles induit par gravité

H. Auradou, J.-P. Hulin
Collaborations : J. Gomba, P.G. Correa (Instituto de Fisica Arroyo Seco, Tandil, Argentina.)

How to mix fluids in microfluidic devices? This simple question remains a serious challenge. In the method considered  two fluids are injected face to face in an intersection of 4 channels. For moderate Reynolds numbers (around 20), one or several vortices appear in the intersection allowing a good mixing of the fluids. The quality of the mixing and the number of vortices have been studied as a function of the angle of the intersection and of the aspect ratio of the channel sections. The image shows the formation of 2 vortices on the height of an intersection of large aspect ratio.

T. P. G. Correa, J. M. Gomba, J. R. Mac Intyre, S. Ubal, J. P. Hulin and H. Auradou, Influence of aspect ratio on vortex formation in X-junctions: direct numerical simulations and eigenmode decomposition, Phys. Fluids 32, 124105 (2020) DOI:10.1063/5.0026829

Other experiments in this research area

We moved to our new building

Since March 2019, the laboratory FAST has moved to the new building Pascal (building 530).

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Next FAST-LIMSI seminars:

Jeudi 27 Janvier 2022 à 14h
Alexander Oron (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology), Buoyancy instability in a liquid layer subjected to an oblique temperature gradient.

Laboratory FAST is partner of Labex LASIPS and Labex PALM.

Laboratory FAST is member of the French-Argentine IRP (International Research Project) "Ingénieries vertes par la mécanique des fluides" (IVMF).

Theoretical Mantle Dynamics

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La matière en désordre

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Hydrodynamique physique - 3e édition

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