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Laboratory FAST (Fluides, Automatique et Systèmes Thermiques) is a CNRS research laboratory (UMR 7608), associated with University Paris-Saclay.

Research areas

Head: H. Auradou

Focus on a project

Thin film deposit in a dip-coating-like process

M. Dey, F. Doumenc, B. Guerrier
Collaborations: J. Leng, C. Loussert, J.B. Salmon (LOF, CNRS)

In coating achieved by solvent evaporation from a polymer solution or a colloidal dispersion, complex phenomena occur in the vicinity of the contact line where the evaporation flux is maximum. Hydrodynamics and evaporation may induce self patterning, as illustrated in the image (left) for a silica colloidal suspension (deposit height ∼ 1 µm; wavelength ∼ 100µm).

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Other experiments in this research area

Faculty professor position

A full professor position in mechanical engineering will be opened at the University Paris-Saclay.

The recruited professor will teach in the fields of fluid mechanics or continuous media in the bachelor and master degrees of the physics department of the Faculty of Sciences of Orsay.

He / she will strengthen the research topics, numerical or experimental, of the laboratories LISN (ex-LIMSI) or FAST in the field of fluid dynamics and transfers, including fluid mechanics, machine learning, multiphysics and / or multiscale approaches, soft matter, transfers, mechanics and physics of dispersed media etc.

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We moved to our new building

Since March 2019, the laboratory FAST has moved to the new building Pascal (building 530).

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Next FAST-LIMSI seminars:

Jeudi 22 Avril 2021, à 14h
Pedro Simoes Costa (University of Iceland), Fully-resolved simulations of particle transport in wall-bounded turbulence.

Laboratory FAST is partner of Labex LASIPS and Labex PALM.

Laboratory FAST is member of the French-Argentine IRP (International Research Project) "Ingénieries vertes par la mécanique des fluides" (IVMF).

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