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Publications S. Mergui

Papers in refereed journals

  • Characteristics of solitary waves on a falling liquid film sheared by a turbulent counter-current gas flow.
    N. Kofman, S. Mergui, C. Ruyer-Quil Int. J. Multiphase Flow, en révision.
  • Selection of solitary waves in vertically falling liquid films.
    N. Kofman, C. Ruyer-Quil, S. Mergui Int. J. Multiphase Flow, 84, pp 75-85, (2016). [Abstract]
  • Experiments on the wavy instability in Rayleigh-Bénard-Poiseuille convection : spatial and temporal features in the nonlinear regime.
    F. Seychelles, S. Mergui, Int. J. Heat and Fluid Flow , 52, (2015), [Abstract]
  • Three dimensional instabilities of quasi-solitary waves in a falling liquid film.
    N. Kofman, S. Mergui, C. Ruyer-Quil, J. of Fluid Mechanics, 757, (2014), [Abstract]
  • Harmonic mechanical excitations of steady convective instabilities : a means to get more uniform heat transfers in a mixed convection flow ?
    X. Nicolas, S. Mergui, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 77, (2014), [Abstract]
  • Dynamics of falling liquid films.
    C. Ruyer-Quil, N. Kofman, D. Chasseur, S. Mergui, Eur. Phys. J. E, (2014), [Abstract]
  • Sidewall and boundary condition effects on the evolution of longitudinal rolls in Rayleigh-Bénard-Poiseuille convection.
    S. Mergui, X. Nicolas, S. Hirata , Phys. Fluids , 23, 084101 (2011)
  • Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent mixed convection in a 3D ventilated cavity. Comparison with existing data.
    R. Ezzouhri, P. Joubert, F. Penot, S. Mergui, Int. J. Thermal Science , 48, 065107 (2009).
  • Wavy secondary instability of longitudinal rolls in Rayleigh-Bénard-Poiseuille flows
    Pabiou H., Mergui S. and Benard C. , J. Fluid Mech , 542, 175-194 (2005).
  • Analysis of heat and mass transfer during solidification of a binary solution from a horizontal plate.
    Geoffroy S., Mergui S., Gobin D. and Benard C., Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science ,29, 169-178 (2005).
  • Solidification of a binary mixture in a shear flow.
    Mergui S., Feroual B., Gobin D. and Benard C., Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer , 47, 1423-1432 (2004).
  • Observations d’une instabilité convective apparaissant sous la forme de rouleaux sinueux dans un écoulement de Poiseuille-Rayleigh-Bénard.
    H. Pabiou, X. Nicolas, S. Xin, S. Mergui, Mécanique et Industries , 4, 537-543 (2003).
  • Ice block melting into a binary solution : coupling of the interfacial equilibrium and the flow structures.
    Mergui S., Geoffroy S. and Bénard C., J. Heat Transfer , 124, 1147-1157 (2002).
  • Numerical simulation of solid-liquid phase change processes: the need for benchmark solutions
    Gobin D., Goyeau B. and Mergui S., Hybrid Methods in Engineering, 4, 275-288 (2001).
  • Transient double diffusive convection in a vertical enclosure with asymmetrical boundary conditions.
    Mergui S. and Gobin D. , J. of Heat Transfer, 122-3, 598-601 (2000).
  • Solidification along a flat plate in a forced flow.
    B. Feroual, S. Mergui, JHT Heat Transfer Picture Gallery, 121, (1999).
  • Formation de cellules convectives induites par la fusion de glace pure dans une solution binaire.
    S. Mergui, D. Joly, B. Feroual, D. Gobin, C. Bénard, Entropie, 214, 17-22 (1998).
  • Convection thermosolutale en cavité partiellement occupée par une couche poreuse faiblement perméable.
    B. Goyeau, S. Mergui, J.P. Songbe, D. Gobin , Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences, t. 323, Série II b , 447-454 (1996)
  • Velocity and temperature analysis in a differentially heated cavity at Ra = 1.69 10^9.
    S. Mergui, F. Penot , Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 40 ,14, 3427-3441 (1997)
  • Natural convection in an air filled differentially heated cavity: experimental investigation at Ra = 1.69 10^9.
    S. Mergui, F. Penot, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 39 ,3, 563-574 (1996)
  • Confined turbulent mixed convection in the presence of a horizontal buoyant wall jet.
    D. Blay, S. Mergui, C. Niculae Fundamentals of Mixed Convection, HTD-ASME , 213 pp 65-72, (1993).