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Publications B. Semin

Publications in refereed journals

  • New oscillatory instability of a confined cylinder in a flow below the vortex shedding threshold
    B. Semin, A. Decoene, J.-P. Hulin, M.L.M François and H. Auradou J. Fluid Mech. accepted.
  • Accurate measurement of curvilinear shapes by Virtual Image Correlation
    B. Semin, H. Auradou and M.L.M. François Eur. Phys. J.-Appl Phys. accepted.
  • Viscometer using drag force measurements
    M.-H. Noël, B. Semin, J.-P. Hulin, and H. Auradou Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82 023909 (2011).
  • [Abstract], [hal]
  • Single Fiber Transport in a Fracture Slit: Influence of the Wall Roughness and of the Fiber Flexibility
    M. V. D'Angelo, B. Semin, G. Picard, M. E. Poitzsch, J. P. Hulin and H. Auradou Transp. Porous Med. 84 389-408 (2010).
  • [Abstract], [hal]
  • Influence of flow confinement on the drag force on a static cylinder
    B. Semin, J.P. Hulin and H. Auradou Phys. Fluids 21 103604 (2009).
  • [Abstract], [arXiv]
  • Hydrodynamic drainage force in a highly confined geometry: role of surface roughness on different length scales
    S. Guriyanova, B. Semin, T. S. Rodrigues, H.-J. Butt and E. Bonaccurso Microfluid Nanofluid 8 653-663 (2010)
  • [Abstract and PDF]
  • Nonconstant piezo velocity in highly dynamic atomic force spectroscopy
    B. Semin, S. Guriyanova and E. Bonaccurso. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 77, 116107 (2006).
  • [Abstract]

Publications in refereed proceedings

  • Identification of the shape of curvilinear beams and fibers
    M.L.M. François, B. Semin and H. Auradou Applied Mechanics and Materials 24-25, 359-364 (2010).
  • [Abstract]
  • Dynamic Numerical Investigation of Random Packing for Spherical and Nonconvex Particles
    S. Faure, A. Lefebvre-Lepot and B. Semin ESAIM: Proceedings 28 13 (2009).
  • [Abstract and PDF]

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