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Wave dynamics on a liquid film sheared by a turbulent gas

Dimitri Tseluiko (Loughborough University

The dynamics of a thin laminar liquid film flowing under gravity down the lower wall of an inclined channel when turbulent gas flows above the film will be discussed. A number of assumptions allow isolating the gas problem and solving it independently by treating the interface as a solid wall. This permits finding the perturbations to normal and tangential stresses at the interface imposed by the turbulent gas in closed form. Then the liquid film flow under the influence of these perturbations can be analysed by deriving and analysing a hierarchy of model equations describing the dynamics of the interface. These models can be used for a systematic investigation of the flooding phenomenon observed in various experiments: as the gas flow rate is increased, the initially downward-falling film starts to travel upwards while just before the wave reversal the amplitude of the waves grows rapidly.

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