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Interfacial instability with Industrial Importance

Ranga Narayanan

a) jet stability and liquid bridge stability (has application to crystal growth)

b) Saffman-Taylor instability ( application to oil recovery)

c) Evaporation instability

The series of lectures on fluid instability focuses on interfacial patterns that emerge from well established base states. Such problems are of interest to crystal growth, convection evaporation, and even solidification

The lectures commence with a discussion of a work or energy principle as enunciated by Lord Rayleigh in the latter part of the 19th century and show the application to the stability of liquid bridges and liquid jets. They continue with a general treatment of equations in deformed regions where the deformation is a slight deviation from a well-defined geometry. The method of treatment of governing equations in deformed regions are discussed and then applied to the deformation of jets and deformed interfaces.

The lectures continue with applications to convection, evaporation and solidification. In each lecture the audience is taken from fundamental concepts to practical ideas raising research questions and future possibilities.

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