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Integral modeling of liquid films sheared by a gas flow

Gianluca Lavalle (ONERA)

Thin liquid films sheared by a gas flow are often encountered in industrial configurations. When performing numerical investigations of such flows, the required computational cost can be too great. Therefore, in this work, the liquid film is modeled by means of integrated equations, and a first-order long-wave model is presented. This model captures the correct stability threshold of long linear waves, and is able to describe the non-linear dynamics of thin liquid film. This long-wave model is coupled to Navier-Stokes equations accounting for the gas phase, in order to study the interactions between the two phases in narrow and large channels. A coupling numerical methodology is presented, which makes use of the ALE technique to transfer the position of the interface from the film to the gas. Spatio-temporal evolutons of film thickness and stress fields are shown, with the purpose to compare this 'shallow water-Navier Stokes' model with both the DNS analysis and the two-phase long-wave models available in the literature.

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