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Contact line modeling at partial wetting during evaporation into a pure-vapor atmosphere

Vladislav Janececk (FAST)

Evaporation into the atmosphere of saturated vapor is considered. It is limited by the heat supply from the heater. A liquid wedge confined between the heated substrate and the saturated vapor-liquid interface at small scales near the contact line (CL) at partial wetting is considered. Such a situation occurs in many cases such as bubble growth on the heater at boiling, evaporation of liquid menisci in heat pipes, or sessile drop evaporation during the spray cooling. This wedge-shaped region is extremely important for two reasons. First, a significant part of the evaporative heat flux that is spent to compensate the latent heat occurs there. Second, a strong meniscus curvature that occurs in this region leads to the apparent contact angle larger than its actual microscopic value. Viscous stress singularity relaxation, and multiscale nature of the phenomenon is addressed.

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