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Self patterning induced by solutal Marangoni effect in a receding drying meniscus

Frederic Doumenc

The impact of solutal Marangoni effect on the deposit obtained from a polymer so- lution in a dip-coating-like configuration is studied by numerical simulations. A hydrodynamic model with lubrication approximation is used to describe the liquid phase. The evaporation flux is computed by taking into account explicitly the vapor diffusion in the gas phase (1.5 sided model). Viscosity, surface tension and saturated vapor pressure depend on the solute concentration. In the evaporative regime, when the surface tension increases with polymer concentration, Marangoni effect induces a spontaneous periodic regime that leads to self-organized periodic patterning of the dried film in some specific ranges of control parameters. Morphological phase diagram, menis- cus and dry deposit shapes are provided as a function of the substrate velocity and bulk solute concentration.

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