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Free Surface Instabilities due to Joule heating in Electro-osmotic Flows

Mohar Dey (FAST)

One of the major applications of electroosmotic flow is to generate pressure in micro/nano fluidic systems for pumping fluid, which is achieved by applying very high electric field across the microchannels and invariably leads to volumetric Joule heating. A temperature gradient set up as a direct result of this Joule heating may cause significant variations in the temperature sensitive properties of the fluid. This study is aimed at investigating the role of this heat generated within the conducting fluids in determining the conditions for the inception and growth of instability on the free-surface of such configurations. The generalized Gouy-Chapman theory for symmetric electrolytes is used to explain the explicit dependence of the electrical potential and velocity distribution on this differential temperature distribution within the fluid. Subsequently the highly coupled system of Orr-Sommerfeld equations are solved using a Chebyshev collocation algorithm to perform a linear stability analysis of the free-surface electro-osmotic flow system of the conducting electrolyte.

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