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GDR Ruissellement et films cisailles

Journees des 27, 28, et 29 mars 2013

Les prochaines journeesdu GDR FILMS auront lieu dans le cadre agreable du centre Paul Langevin a Aussois.

Centre Paul Langevin d'Aussois

73500 Aussois

tel: 04 79 20 33 86

Centre Paul Langenvin sondage Doodle LISTE PARTICIPANTS

Invite (presence confirmee)

Dimitri Tseluiko

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Yuri Ya. Trifonov

CV court

Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, Siberian Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk


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    Planning du mercredi 27 mars 2013

    • repas 12h30-14h00
      14h-14h45 Jean-Paul Vila (IMT) Stability theory for difference approximations of some dispersive shallow water equations and application to capillary fluids resume
      14h45-15h30 Vladislav Janececk (FAST) Contact line modeling at partial wetting during evaporation into a pure-vapor atmosphere resume

    • pause cafe 15h30-16h
      16h-17h Dimitri Tseluiko Complex spatio-temporal dynamics on falling liquid films resume
      17h-17h45 Xiaofei Wang (DALEMBERT) 1D modeling and numerical resolution of blood flow in large vessels resume
      17h45-18h30 Nicolas Kofman (FAST) Complementary experimental and theoretical approaches to the investigation of three-dimensionality of falling film solitary waves resume
      18h30-19h Sophie Mergui (FAST) A synthetic Schlieren method for instantaneous 2D thickness measurements applied to falling films
      19h-19h20 Remi Chauvin (IMT) Thin film approach for the modeling of runback phenomenon for aircraft icing

    • diner 19h30

    Planning du jeudi 28 mars 2013

    • matin : libre
    • repas du midi : panier repas
    • pause cafe 15h30-16h
      16h-17h Yuri Trifonov Gravity film flow down a smooth plate and corrugated surface resume
      17h-17h45 Sylvain Devynck (IJL) Study and simulations of water quench process resume
      17h45-18h30 Lionel Vincent (IRPHE) Dynamics of strongly stretched ligaments resume
      18h30-19h15 Valery Botton (LMFA) Mechanisms of long-wave instabilities in shear-thinning films on porous substrates resume

    • diner 19h30: repas de gala avec specialite savoyarde (fondue savoyarde)

    Planning du vendredi 29 mars 2013

    • matin
      9h-9h45 Daniel Fuster (DALEMBERT) Primary atomization regimes in two planar coflowing fluid sheets using Gerris resume
      9h45-10h30 Georg Dietze (FAST) Dissection of the velocity field in 3-dimensional falling liquid films

    • pause cafe 9h45-10h15
      10h15-11h15 Yuri Trifonov Co-current and counter-current flow of a wavy liquid film and turbulent gas between the smooth vertical plates resume
      11h15-12h Frederic Doumenc Self patterning induced by solutal Marangoni effect in a receding drying meniscus resume

    • pause repas 12h30-14h00
      14h-15h Dimitri Tseluiko Wave dynamics on a liquid film sheared by a turbulent gas resume
      15h-15h45 Philippe Beltrame (EMMAH) Influence of liquid film on transfer in unsaturated porous media
      15h45-16h15 Marx Chhay (LOCIE) Falling film absorption for compact exchangers : beginning the exploration

    • pause cafe 15h45-16h15
      16h15-18h00 table ronde

    • FIN a 18h
    • diner 19h30 (pour ceux qui restent)

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