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FAST DynaPlanet-Lab
Group of Dynamics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors

Members: A. Davaille, N. Ribe

pHD students: Danielle Brand, Gianluca Girardi, Arnaud Salvador, Binghui Xu

Collaborations: Ichiro Kumagai (Mesei Univ. , Japan), Judith Vatteville (LaVision, France), Sophie Androvandi (GeoServices, France), Eric Mittlestaedt (Univ. Idaho, Moscow, USA), Erika Di Giuseppe (XX, Nice, France), Floriane Touitou, ZhongHi Li (Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China), Pierre-Thomas Brun (MIT, USA), Anna Massmeyer (Univ. Aachen, Germany).

What are we studying ?

Our group uses the framework of Fluid Mechanics and Mechanics to study the dynamics of geological systems and planetary interiors. Our modeling combines theory, numerical simulations, and laboratory experiments. Regimes diagrams and scaling laws deduced from our analysis are then used to interpret the natural observations.

A- Thermal Convection in a solid-state mantle:

A1- Fundamental studies and Global Regimes:

  • Temperature-dependent viscosity

  • Interaction with compositional heterogeneities

  • Visco-Elasto-Plastic rheologies and the onset of Plate Tectonics

A2- Subduction

A3- Plumes and Hotspots

A4 - Small-scale convection

B- Mechanics of polycrystals and the generation of seismic anisotropy

C- Evolution of the Earth and the terrestrial planets

C1 - Magma Ocean Cooling in interaction with an atmosphere

C2 - Onset of Plate Tectonics and Continental Growth in the Earth

C3 - Present-day Venus

Participation to VERITAS project

D - Heat and Mass transfer out of hydrothermal systems

Velocity and heat flow measurements on the sea-floor

- Measuring temperature, velocity and concentration fields in the laboratory

- Movies, images, and cartoons

- Bibliography:

  • Reviews articles:
    • . Fluid Mechanics of Mantle Plumes
    • . Analytical Studies of mantle convection
    • . Experimental studies of mantle convection
  • Vulgarisation
  • Publications


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