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Veronique Lazarus

Assistant Professor UPSud, Dept of Physics; Institut Universitaire de France

Laboratoire FAST - Bat. 502
Campus Universitaire - 91405 Orsay Cedex  (France)
Phone: 33 1 69 1 58039
Room: 110

Summer school

We are organizing a summer school on the ``Physics and Mechanics of Soft complex materials'' (PHASME2016) in Cargese from the 8th to the 20th of august 2016. It was a great moment (see the website)!

PhD/master thesis propositions

Experimental study of the mode I+III crack morphology instability:
using LMT's (ENS Cachan) hexapode
more general thesis framework

Interaction between two cracks

Thermal cracks

Directional drying cracks


Basalt columns

Bark cracking

Mode III instability

Coalescence of two circular cracks

Fingering in heterogeneous media

Phd and postdoc fellows

HdR HdR sur HAL, Rapport, Soutenance

Publications (via ResearchId)

My PhD thesis

Clara et Laura