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Pictures related to FAST/LIMSI seminar

    [William Batson, 03/07/2014]
    William Batson (03/07/2014): The saturated response (above) of the fundamental axisymmetric mode for two periods (2T=4π/ω) of a vibrational signal (below) consisting of 3ω and 4ω components.

    [Benoit Fond, 09/04/2015]
    Benoit Fond (09/04/2015): Temporal evolution of the temperature and velocity fields in the wake of a heated cylinder. Every fifteenth image of the 3kHz recording is displayed. From C. Abram, B. Fond, A. L. Heyes and F. Beyrau, Appl. Physics B (2013), 111 115-160.

    [Laurence Ramos, 31/03/2016]
    Laurence Ramos (31/03/2016).

    [Jean-Baptiste Salmon, 08/02/2018]
    Jean-Baptiste Salmon (08/02/2018): Vision schématique d'une goutte confinée (diamètre: 2 mm, diamètre des plaques: 8 cm).