PIVMat Installation

PIVMat Installation


The PIVMat Toolbox works with MATLAB 7 or higher, on every operating system. PIVMat supports files from:

By default, PIVMat can import files from DynamicStudio, DPIVSoft, VidPIV and MatPIV. In order to import files from DaVis (VC7 files), it is necessary to install an additional package: ReadIMX (see below).

Some functions require the Image Processing Toolbox.

Installation procedure

1. Download the PIVMat Toolbox and extract the ZIP file in a folder, for example /My documents/Matlab/toolbox/pivmat (make sure the subdirectories html, sample and private are correctly unzipped as well). Do NOT install in the Matlab application folder (typically /Program Files/Matlab/...). If you upgrade from an older version, first delete the previous pivmat directory.

2. If you wish to import DaVis files, download also the ReadIMX package available from the LaVision web site (with user registration).

3. In the 'Home' tab, select 'Set Path', click on 'Add Folder' (NOT 'Add with Subfolders') and select the directory pivmat. (Select also the directory readimx if necessary). Click on 'Save' and 'Close'.

4. To get started, type docpivmat.

Matlab upgrade

If you upgrade Matlab, you don't need to reinstall PivMat (and ReadIMX). Just follow steps 3 and 4.

PIVMat upgrade

Quit Matlab, replace your old pivmat folder with the new one, and re-launch Matlab. Type docpivmat in the command window to check if the new version is correctly recognized.


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