PIVMat Acknowledgements


Thanks to Jan Kapen, who fixed a bug with Brush data in R2016b.

Thanks to Jeremiah Valenzuela, who fixed the bug for fitting data from histogram.

Thanks to Olaf Bousché, who solved the issue relative to the new Graphics system of Matlab R2014b.

Thanks to Yoel Forterre, who pointed a bug in the definition of the correlation coefficient R.

Thanks to Francis Burton and Nicholas Sinclair, who solved the issue of the corrupted figure files containing the Ezyfit menu.

Suggestions and bug fixes from anonymous users of Matlab Central (Patrick, Rene) are also acknowledged.

Thanks to D. Doppler, C. Morize, J. Seiwert, D.J. Bilar, P. Erbach, D. Lueerssen, T. Mitchell, J. Wiley, S. Haddock, L. Kogan, P. Kinnunen, T. Garcia-Nolen, A. de Zegher, J. Bagrow, A. Hector, A. Brand, for suggestions and bug reports (although some are still on my to-do list!)


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